Katherine Knapp


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Born: 1951 N.Y.. N.Y.


Studied:        Silvermine College of Art                                       New Canaan, CT

                                    Sperry Andrews, instructor

                        Cape School of Art                                                  Provincetown, MA

                                    Henry Hensche, instructor

                        National Academy of Art                                         N.Y., NY


                        Art Students League                                               N.Y., NY


                        Leo Garel                                                                   Stockbridge, MA


                        Margot Trout                                                              Great Barrington, MA


                        Steve Dietman                                                          Great Barrington, MA



                        1965               Four Seasons Gallery                     Palm Beach, FL


                        *1970              A.F.S. Gallery                                   Binghamton, N.Y


                        1971               Roberson Museum                          Binghampton, NY


                        *1973              B.E.L. Gallery                                    Westport, CT


                        1973-1975     Ragged Sailor Gallery                     Block Island, RI


                        *1975              Housatonic Design                         Housatonic, MA


                        *1978              Simon's Rock College                    Great Barrington, MA


                        *1980-1982   Spring Street Gallery                       Williamstown, MA


                        *1983              B.E.L. Gallery                                    Westport, CT

*1987              Simon's Rock College                    Great  Barrington, MA


                        1990-1991     Spazi Fine Art                                   Housatonic, MA.


                        *1991-2010   Front Street Gallery                         Housatonic, MA


                        1994               Square One Gallery                        Block Island, RI


                        1995-2010     Gedney Farm Annual Exhibit        New Marlboro, MA


1997-2002     Hotchkis Gallery                               Lenox, MA


                        1999-2001     Berkshire Dreams Gallery              Great Barrington, MA


                        2000-2002     Bell Fox Martin Gallery                   Housatonic, MA


                        2000-2004     Tokonoma Gallery                           Housatonic, MA


2001               Albany Galleries                              Albany, NY


*2000-2010   Jessie Edwards Gallery                  Block Island, RI


                        *2001-2002   Hannah Gallery                               Stockbridge, MA


                        *2003              Becket Art Center                             Becket, MA


                        2004               Norman Rockwell Museum           Stockbridge, MA


                        2004-2010     Sheffield Art League                       Sheffield, MA


                        2005               Clark Art Institute                             Williamstown, MA


                        2009-2010     Gallery 61                                          Andes NY


                        2009-2010     Stoney Creek Gallery                      Branford CT


                        2009-2010       Sarah Thorne Gallery                     West Stockbridge MA


*  One Woman Show



Collections:  ( very partial listing)


                        *Robert and Barrett Andrews Jackson                 Ridgefield, CT., Block Island, RI , Madison GA.


                        *Gregor and Mary Leinsdorf                                   N.Y., NY  Alford, MA.


                        *Peabody and Sarah Gardner                               Cambridge, MA.


                        *Terrence and Lori Hill                                            Stockbridge, MA , Santa Fe, NM.


                        Blithe Danner                                                           Los Angeles, CA


                        Sandy Dennis (D)                                                    Westport, CT


                        *Mason Rose and Laura Chester                         Alford, MA. Patagonia, NM


                        *Claudia Glenn Dowling                                        N.Y., NY. Block Island, RI


                        *Terrence Fehr                                                         Santa Fe, NM


                        *Joel and Sandra Hotchkiss                                  West Stockbridge, MA


                        *John Davis Mecklin                                               Cherryfield, ME


                        *Fred and Carol Hochberg                                     Chestnut Hill, MA


                        *several to many paintings purchased








I am interested in expressing my emotions through the visual study of the world around me. Color and light are the most important part of my work. I believe that all things in nature have a life force of their own and I try to channel that on to the canvas by entering into an intimate relationship with that which I am painting. This relationship is a kind of meditation for me. I am inspired by all artists who through the integrity of their work have heightened my awareness of the visual experience. I am always looking for the truth in painting, the risk that each artist takes in expressing how they see the world. “The world does not need another pretty picture” my teacher, Steve Dietman, told me and I agree. Robert Henri has said we all have a song inside of us and it is the responsibility of the artist to be true to themselves and sing with all of our heart. This is my life’s mission as a painter.

For the past 24 years I have made my home in Alford Ma. in the Berkshire hills. I live here on our farm today with my husband Michael and three black cats.  We have four sons spread out in the area. Unfortunately our horses have all moved on now. As well as painting full time I am currently teaching art at my studio in Housatonic, MA and Kimball Farms, Lenox, MA.












Fern Hill Farm 168 East Road Alford MA. 01266   Tel. 413 528 9546     Studio  413 274  6607  Web:www.kateknappartist.com