I have been teaching painting classes at the Front St. Gallery for the past seven years. I have been studying art for the past forty years. It is a great honor for me to teach at this time in my life and I enjoy it immensely. The students meet on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30 am and paint until 12:30pm at which time we have a critique of the work done that morning or any other work the student might have done at home. Students do not necessarily attend all classes sometimes just one each week. During the summer the Thursday classes are landscape classes and held outdoors at a different sight each week. Wednesday class is always at the studio. We have spent time studying many different artists and getting inspiration from their work. Each student might choose an artist that they particularly like and bring in some research they have done along with books or prints of the artists work. We will all participate in a discussion about that artist sharing our individual ideas about them and how they might affect our own work. This has proved to be very helpful to us all. As a teacher I like to focus on the study of color and light, but also try to see how each student, artist, approaches their work and gain insight to their unique ideas and vision.  Many different mediums are used by all, pastel, watercolor, oil paint, gouache, etc…As a group we all help each other to improve our work and push each other to develop our vision and ability to express that which inspires us. I bring my 40 years of painting and studying with many great teachers to class. Most recently, Steve Deitman, Margot Trout and Leo Garel .
            There are other classes forming at this time. This group is made up of beginning painters as well as others who have been painting for a long time. I believe that no one can paint a bad painting or get it wrong. Sometimes we fall short of expressing exactly that which really moved us but every time we paint it is always a good exercise and will improve our ability.
             If you have any questions and would like to find out more about the classes please call  Kate Knapp at 528-9546 or ask at the gallery if I am there…Thank you for coming and joining us!!

Please visit www.kateknappartist.com

Painting Classes at the Front St. Gallery